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Monday, October 3, 2011

24 Hour Comic Book Marathon

Okay, so this is something I had heard about in the past and was always interested in participating in. Granted, I'm not very good. I'm not knocking myself because I'm still in school and still learning, but I can be realistic and judge my own skills objectively. I'm not very good. Needless to say, you don't get better sitting around playing Xbox, so I decided to participate. One of my teachers put it out as extra credit if we did it, but unfortunately for me, it only counted if I went to a sanctioned site. Whatever, I still did it at home. My partner and crime and best friend/writer and I got together and decided on a story we have been discussing for some time now: The Adventures of Flash Manson. A pulp sci-fi story about a pretty shady character out in a universe of our making. He did all the writing while I did all the art. And trust me when I say I did ALL the art. Pencils, inks, lettering. Let me just say, it was at the very least, a humbling experience. I aspire to be a penciller one day, but I also want to learn all the other disciplines too. More than anything, I have a new found respect for everyone who works on a comic book. Wow, it's not easy. Well, without me rambling on any further, I present to you whoever is reading this, the first page of "The Adventures of Flash Manson: Episode 1 - Escape from Death Planet". I hope you enjoy this, even though I'm nowhere near a professional.

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  1. That planet sounds extremely dangerous and tough to live in. I wouldn't want to run into any creatures that adapt well in that environment....