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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Life Painting

The second class of my second semester. This was pretty awesome. I had always wondered how the great masters accomplished their famous works, like Michaelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. This class was the basics of how those great works were achieved. None of my paintings even came close to something as amazing as the Sistine Chapel, and I would never compare my work to that, but I am pretty proud of my work.

Figure Drawing

This class was from my second semester at AAU. This was a Figure Drawing class, which was awesome. I definitely saw an improvement in my artwork after I took this class.

Color and Design

These pictures were from the second class I took my first semester at AAU. This class was Color and Design. Pretty cool class, and the first time I did any real painting for anything.

Analysis of Form

This was the first class I took at the Academy of Art University. It's a basic drawing class that's part of the Foundations program. Foundations is kind of like pre-requisites. So this was the first drawing class I took, and the first time I ever really used charcoal. This was a really good class, because it introduced me to new types of media to use and better ways to draw.


Welcome! This is my personal blog where I post my artwork from school and personal projects. I am a student of the Academy of Art University. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Illustration with an online program. I use traditional media in all my artwork. So look around, and I hope you enjoy my artwork.